Home Delivery Shipping Module 2.3.1

By | May 17, 2011

One of my good clients contacted me to see about having coded a shipping module that;

– available for DK clients only 1
– available only to certain postcodes within Denmark (those near the customers real shop, to be delivered by car) 2
– ability to add further away postcodes at a higher price 3

Within a couple of hours I had the basis of the code in place, it has now been tested and seems to work well;

1. Hardcoded, but can easily be changed to react with the STORE_COUNTRY.

2. Insert the Zipcodes as a comma separated list.

3. You need more zones, just increase the number of zones in the module.

which gives extra inputs in the Admin area.

In real use;

A. A Zip that is not configured as a deliverable zip;

B. A Zip that is close to the Store (Zone 1);

C. A Zip that is further away (Zone 2);

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