Hot 100 – the best themed osCommerce shops

By | January 29, 2009

Quick update on the Hot 100 as I haven’t done this for a while. As of right now, the top 5 are;

1. 4.34/10
2. PC Studio 4.27/10
3. ONO Tea 3.61/10
4. 3.51/10
5. The Safari Clothing Store 3.42/10

Congratulations to these 5 outstanding shops!

I’m adding probably only 3 or 4 shops a week at the moment as the majority of shops that get listed are either Template Monster templates (see below) or standard osCommerce (perhaps with a few colour changes (again, see below).

So, please, if you know of an outstanding themed store, that is “more” than standard osCommerce and is not a Template monster, please add them to the Hot 100 list!

Template Monsters

These are fine looking shops – but don’t expect them to get on the list of the best 100. After all, who wants to see the same design over and over? If you spot a TM templated store on the list, which has got past me, please let me know?

Standard osCommerce

osCommerce is just fine out of the box – your site won’t look like 1000s of others, right? Please do not add a site unless it is “more” than osCommerce (just colour changes to the stylesheet is NOT enough).

How to create a HOT 100 site without buying a TM template!

Do you have a designers eye? Do you know PHP? Do you know a bit about how osCommerce hangs together? The answer is probably “no” or “yes, a bit”. Well, take my advice and read this post and this post, then decide if you have the knowledge to make something good…if not, suggest a design tutorial or someone makes you a uniquely designed osCommerce – both of which work out much better value than a TM template!

8 thoughts on “Hot 100 – the best themed osCommerce shops

  1. Gil

    Hi Gary,

    Can you recommend a good OS Commerce developer for upgrades for my OS Commerce Site?


  2. Carine

    the thumbshots are not working
    nbr 133 Kneetees is down
    Perhaps a link next to an entry to report a problem would be nice ?

  3. Gary Post author

    Hey Carine – looks like the thumbshots people updated their site, without telling anyone. Seems fixed now.

    Cheers, Gary

  4. Gary Post author

    ps, I really need to go thru that list as there are some shops on there that really don’t deserve to be on there! Must find time!

  5. Gary Post author

    Found time to do that – removed some shops that are nothing but osCommerce with a colour change, and some shops that are not functining anymore. I still get lots of submitted sites that are either plain osCommerce or a templated osCommerce – what’s the point in listing those? Is there any need to show these?

  6. Sara

    Hi Gary, may I suggest that in order to qualify for “Hot 100”, the site must W3C-validate… ?
    I have look at some of the above… horrible!

    As for me, I have taken the time to validate both the catalog and the admin side… 🙂
    It makes it a whole lot easier to do some tweaking or adding contributions.

  7. Gary Post author

    Hi Sara – could do, but I think that would exclude 99% of sites. Validation is an unimportant piece of the jigsaw puzzle, particularly as the w3 validator is broken and has been for at least 10 years lol

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