How To Install osCommerce v3

By | April 1, 2011

Pre Pre Step 1

Set up an empty database, ready for use.
Download osCommerce v3.

Pre Step 1

Click the “New Install” button.

Step 1

Insert the values for the Database connection.

Press “> Continue” button.

Step 2

Insert the values for the Store.

Press “> Continue” button.

Step 3

There is no step 3, the shop and admin are installed! You can press the “Online Shop” button to visit the shop;

And/or the “Administration Tool” to visit the admin;

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11 thoughts on “How To Install osCommerce v3

  1. Gary Post author

    Bill – I like the new style admin. Obviously there is loads of stuff missing which makes 3 unusable at this point. Not category/product structure, many missing modules and so on. What’s your thoughts on v3?

  2. Xpajun

    I can’t really give a first hand thoughtful comment – I still haven’t downloaded it yet to try (I’m still trying to get 2.3.1 user friendly – user being me of course šŸ˜€ ).

    But one thing that has got me very interested in it is this quote from HPL:

    “The basis of the framework is flexible to support different kinds of websites, for example, a website content management system, a blog, a forum, etc.,”

    and it’s the forum or blog part of it that has got me fired up, Gary, if it comes off you could have this blog as part of your store, people could read your blog and then decide to buy a template off you, in my case I need a forum integrated with my store so my customers can come back and talk about their experience of my products and post pictures of their newly lifted trucks and then come back again to post pics of their truck in action with one of my products on.

    I suppose we just have to hope that all this comes to fruition (and hosting companies pull their fingers out and install php5.3)

  3. Anthony

    Yeah, it is missing a ton, but looks to be promising. Install was a snap, but I’m showing some errors in the log already without touching anything. PHP Warning: strftime(), PHP Warning: mktime() and PHP Warning: date().

  4. Isa

    I have installed v3.0 on my test site, it looks sleek especially the admin part. There’s a lot of modules missing, namely payment modules, I get errors regarding cookie domain.
    Being an oscommerce user with VERY limited coding experience I know that at present I wouldn’t be able to use, much less work on this shop. I hope that in time this version will grow to be more user friendly and manageable by people that are not developers/coders.

  5. enigma1

    “The basis of the framework is flexible to support different kinds of websites, for example, a website content management system, a blog, a forum, etc.,”

    Well FYI there are contributions that I can see dating back to 2002 for osCommerce forum.
    So why none of these was never used and/or further developed or adapted to the recent releases? They were not good enough? Yea right. Perhaps for the same reasons 2.3.1 used an “out of the blue” template system instead of the plethora available in the contributions, after all posted by osC community members.

  6. Xpajun

    Thank you for that, I must admit none of my searches found it, perhaps now it might be developed for 2.3.1 – who knows

    As for the out of the blue template system – yep you’re right – it is total… well I’ve posted my views on it here more than once – but you don’t need to use the 960 grid system you can break it, make the divs do what you want to do – at least there are divs now which will move and few immovable tables

  7. Gary Post author

    It’s annoying that 2.3.1 introduced 960, but 3 does not have it. I was expecting some forward thinking by HPDL and oscsparky to introduce a part of 3 tempating (eg 960) into 2.3.1 as an intro to it. So, will 960 make an appearance in 3?

    For a blog, forum and whatnot, personally I would run all those things on separate domains – on different IPs. Gives more opportunity for cross linking and allows you to split the “company” should you come to sell it. As an example, this blog is not really a commercial blog – I generally just blog about projects and stuff. My other site is a commercial site – yet these two sites can/would/do go hand in hand together. I prefer keeping them apart.

  8. Giles

    I have to say that I think the v3 launch will be met with a wall of silence. Whilst it is nice to see a new approach to osCommerce – it is such a radical change that they are alienating the existing user base.

    Why upgrade your store and take a commercial risk when 90%+ of the contributions you need don’t work and need re-coding, debugging and compatibility checking. It has taken years for some module to evolve into the useful state they are in … why start again … have they been hired by Microsoft? Next thing we will see is a ribbon menu system!

    I am sticking with – open-source fork with most contributions the average user needs pre-installed with a focus on continuing to use the existing code base but trying to develop the store on user requirements not coding redesign.

    The community is going to fragment which I think is a huge shame for the open-source market …

    As a side note – osCmax is about to launch v2.5 of their software which may well provide an interesting alternative …

    Just my 2ps worth.

  9. Billy Kellum

    I like to think of myself as being an optimistic person, leaning toward the positive of every situation (glass half full verses glass half empty) but I have to admit, I’m somewhat disappointed. I don’t understand the countdown/hoopla over a cart that cannot be used in the real world in any real time soon.

    I also don’t understand the template logic from having nothing in RC2a, then the 960 Grid, to nothing again in v3.0. Maybe it will make an appearance in v3.0 down the road but it might as well be on github at this stage instead of releasing it to the community as is. Developers don’t really know the true direction of osC.

    I made the decision this week to continue developing using the v2.3.1 base, minus the 960 Grid, for myself and clients. Iā€™m considering uploading an upgraded RC2a-2.3.1 (upgraded to osC v2.3.1 following the upgrade guide) to the contribution area with the idea that other developers would find it useful as a code base.

    Gary, on that last point, would you consider that worthwhile to the community?

  10. Gary Post author

    @Billy – why not upload it? Some will thank you for that, without a doubt. It would give people more choice and that is a good thing.

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