Introducing TEMPLATE ME – Template Monster WITH support

By | January 3, 2009

So, after some thinking I decided to give it a go – basically I am now a reseller of Template Monster – I am offering 1 hour free support on each purchase – support can be used over time so if you have a question a month after purchasing, that’s OK!

I set up a quick and easy homepage at !TEMPLATE ME! using a javascript interface. If it goes well, then I will look at making something a bit better using the Template Monster API.

So, what now?

I have no idea if my idea will work – maybe giving an hour of support is unviable – I really don’t know. But there’s no point in not trying.

Now I have to ask you all;

If you are thinking of purchasing an osCommerce Template from Template Monster, please consider buying via my site at !TEMPLATE ME!

If you know of anyone about to buy from Template Monster please recommend !TEMPLATE ME! to them ?

Thank You, Gary

4 thoughts on “Introducing TEMPLATE ME – Template Monster WITH support

  1. Jake Davies

    Hey there,

    You know, I’ve always wondered about Template Monster. Are they good, are they safe etc. Well maybe you could tell me? I remember having a template from them before but it was hacked. Lucky my shop wasn’t open. A moderator told me it was because the template had Joomla/Mambo in it.. easy to hack apparently.

    Are all the latest OS commerce templates safe? I suppose you would just need to secure them yourself with .htaccess and all the other security addons like Security Pro and IP Trap, which I’ve learnt to use over the past years.

    Let me know, many thanks! Jake.

  2. Gary Post author

    Jake – the only reason I started “template me” is because of the number of people wanting help with Template Monster templates, who can’t get help either in the TM forum nor the osc forum.

    I’d avoid Template Monster. It’s cheaper to get a one-off design via Makeover, see

  3. Jake Davies

    Thanks for your reply Garry! I’m sure those who go with Template Monster will appreciate your service.


  4. Mark Gale

    Don’t touch Template Monster. They are a bunch of crooks, after 30 times aking for a refund for not supplying the template I eneded up opening up a dispute on PayPal. Then and only then do they contact you and try to resolve the issue, yet this was way to late for me to reconsider using them.

    Template Monster Promo Code : Don’t use them!
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    TemplateMonster Promotional Code : Don’t use them!

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