Lavalamp Breadcrumb in osCommerce

By | August 6, 2008

Rick asks;

I can tell from your posts that you are familiar with jquery. What would you charge to make this work with my oscommerce store:

I would like this implimented into the breadcrumb trail. I tried it a few different ways. If you do not have time to take on any more work… perhaps a few tips to get me going properly on this. I tried implimenting it into classes/breadcrumb.php. I could not figure out how to properly do it.

I managed to find time to have a go at this, and I am quite pleased with the results on my Test Store. You can see a video of what I have come up with:

Obviously this is on my localhost test store, so don’t mind the missing images – they are nothing to do with the Lavalamp script. Hoping to get this released as a contribution, looking for a sponsor to allow me the time to clean it up and write instructions.

It looks and works great in Firefox, and it works great with JS disabled (the only difference if you have JS disabled, is that the darker background effect does not move from link to link).

It does not want to work very well in Internet Explorer – there’s a surprise – but with a bit of a kludge piece of css I finagled it to work good enough.

For a live store, my idea would be to have a nice background across a whole table row (or div) and have the breadcrumb and the login links working in this way. Would look cool!

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