List of osCommerce Experts

By | January 18, 2009

Here is a list of people who I feel have enough about them to be considered “experts in osCommerce” – I have specifically excluded those people who know lots about osCommerce, but only run their own shops – in other words, all of the people listed below are “available for hire”. All of these people also post fairly regularly on the main, official, osCommerce Forum.

The list is in no particular order…

FWR Media (aka Rob)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 68771
Website: FWR Media

FIMBLE (aka Nic)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 15542

toyicebear (aka Nick)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 36315

burt (aka Gary)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 69

Multimixer (aka George)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 227413

Dunweb (aka Chris)
osCommerce Forum Profile: # 211496

There are more people out there who know about osCommerce, but these few are the ones that are still supporting the community as well as carrying on their business(es).

If you can support these people, then osCommerce will continue to thrive.

If you are an osCommerce developer/designer and wish to be added to this list, email me. You’ll need to be active in the osCommerce forum and have a good portfolio.