Live rework of an osCommerce site

By | December 29, 2008

Here’s an idea that might be interesting to some of you who struggle with how to design osCommerce. How about if I take a LIVE osCommerce site and update it to rc2. Then day by day, add a design feature until I eventually end up with a unique site.

I’ll blog about it daily, and each design feature that I add, I will tell you why I added it and how it was done.

Interesting, or not?

7 thoughts on “Live rework of an osCommerce site

  1. jeff

    Sounds like fun. It will be fun to see the transformation. After you have customized an osCommerce site you forget what is basic site has.

  2. Gary Post author

    Yeah – it should be a bit of fun. I’ll start the project tomorrow.

  3. Liuk

    updating to rc2a is really a long work… I’ve a MS2 060817 and I need to update it to RC2a, but first I need to update to RC1 and after to RC2a… it will be a really long work… only to get it completely working with PHP5… So: Good Luck Gary 😀

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