Local Collection from multiple pick up points

By | September 17, 2008

Peter asks;

We’d like to give our local customers the option of collecting their orders from ‘Collection Points’ that we’re setting up with local businesses.

The advantage is that the customers can save money on shipping for heavy/bulky products and help reduce our transportation carbon footprint by cutting back on the number of delivery vehicles on the road (this is important to us as we sell ecological and organic products cleanerway.com/store ).

I’ve tried the collection-in-person module http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4633 but this failed to show up in the list of shipping options and only allows for a single collection point.

Any ideas suggestions would be much appriciated

My idea for this would be to create a shipping module into which the Store Owner can set up postcodes. These postcodes would be the ones that are near the multiple pick up points.

If your buyer’s postcode matches one of the postcodes inserted, then the “collection in person” module appears. Obviously if the postcodes do not match, it won’t!

If they then select the “collection in person” module, the checkout_success.php page will have their local depot address details, a map from google, the phone number and so on.

Seems to be a nice easy solution, that would take very little time to code up, hence would cost very little, certainly less than $100 for what I envisage should work nicely.

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