Look at what you could have won…

By | February 7, 2019

I’m really glad I tried my best to keep osCommerce alive and somewhat relevant. Some people are not glad.

It’s demoralising to see these images posted on the osCommerce forum – plain and simple, it’s bullying behaviour.

The guy who posted this, now has this to say (after being tackled about his poorly coded addons):

Why not just let people get on with things without getting involved, if a person is not using an add-on and has no plans to use or thinks they are all crap it it should be of no concern to them.


I would suggest that this osCommerce forum member take his own advice.

One thought on “Look at what you could have won…

  1. Gary

    You’ve always done a stand up job in the osCommerce community. Unfortunately too many give back nothing more than complaints and belly aches. It genuinely makes you tired – I try to give, but only get – why doesn’t it do this – or when is it going to do that- or why did you code it that way – or how about you just install it for me, I’m trying to run a shop on a budget!

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