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By | January 28, 2015

I wrote about this module a couple of years ago, since then more and more osCommerce users have stopped using the inbuilt Newsletter system and are instead using Mailchimp. And for good reason, the inbuilt system is simply not good enough for todays consumer or shopowner.


As a shopowner you want to track opens and clicks of your Newsletter. You want to create campaigns that work based on a number of factors – all of which are available from Mailchimp at no cost (until you get to the stage of having many 1000s of subscribers).

Introducing the Mailchimp <> osCommerce bridge

It’s a fairly simple box module that uses Ajaxy goodness to instantly sign up a GUEST or an existing CUSTOMER. No more rubbish core code changes to allow your shop to target those who are interested in you but have never signed up for a full account.

Here is how it looks in the Bootstrap osCommerce:


Nice and simple. Best of all can easily be styled using Bootstrap…if you are using the responsive osCommerce. If you are on the bog standard 2.3 series, it’ll look like the rest of your boxes in your shop…

So, are you interested in taking your marketing to the next level ? Sign up at Mailchimp, then email me to purchase this all new Mailchimp Module, cost is set at £49 (installation is not included, this can be performed at small extra cost).


Demo is here (box at top of right hand column). Please note that this will sign you up to my “28 Days Of Code” Newsletter assuming you confirm your subscription. To test the system you should confirm, you can easily unsubscribe yourself straightaway.

Technical Details

  • Requires v2.3 osCommerce
  • Requires PHP 5.6 or greater

Module Details

  • Uses latest v3 Mailchimp API
  • Box Module (2.3.4 Official & 2.3.4 Responsive) or Footer Content Module (2.3.4 Responsive)
  • OPTIONAL Core Changes to create_account and account_newsletters
  • Mailchimp Webhooks included

What are you waiting for ? Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Mailchimp for osCommerce

  1. David Roos

    Hi there,

    We have an Oscommerce 2.3.4 store and use Mailchimp – they are currently not linked. I am interested in your module for integration. As we are wholesalers who set up all customers ourselves from admin rather than them signing up online, we will only need to install some elements of the code.

    Please could you provide any further information and details of how to purchase.

    Many thanks


  2. Gary

    Hello David.
    Please email me, oscshops AT gmail DOT com

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