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By | April 11, 2013

One of my clients needs the ability to send professional HTML Newsletters and keep tabs on open rates, subscriber levels and all the rest of that data that should be interesting to every shop owner.

So, he set out to find a Mailchimp integration that;

1. works
2. has modern code
3. looks good
4. has the ability to talk both ways (osc > MC and MC > osc)

There are NONE that are made for osCommerce. So…let’s get started;

What is needed?

a. ability for new customers to tick the newsletter box in create_account.php
b. ability for existing customers to add themselves onto the mailing list
c. ability for existing customers to remove themselves from the mailing list
d. ability for admin to add or remove customers from the mailing list
e. if a subscriber deletes themself via the unsubscribe link (in the newsletter) their shop account is changed to reflect this
f. ability for NON customers to sign up

Let’s look at each in detail;

a. newsletter box in create_account.php


If this is ticked, I initiate a call to the Mailchimp API and the customer is added to the mailing list.
If this is not ticked, do nothing.

b and c. existing customer can sub and unsub


Simply by unticking this box to unsub and ticking it to sub.

d. admin can sub and unsub individual customers


This is at customers > {select customer} > edit

e. MC to osc, if an unsub occurs via the mailchimp API using a webhook.
Or, in english, if the subscriber leaves via the email unsub link, a signal is sent from Mailchimp which updates the customer record – and sets b/c and d to “unsubscribed”.

f. guests


A nice little infoBox that is ajax enabled, so the customer does not have to leave your site.

Bear in mind that all these changes (subbing, unsubbing) are done silently in the background – so they will not take away the main emphasis of your shop, which is to sell your goods/services.


Working with the Mailchimp API is fairly straightforward if you are able to think logically about what you require. It’s my opinion that all shops should be making use of a newsletter system be that Mailchimp, the inbuilt osCommerce system or whatever is suitable for your needs. If you don’t send Newsletters, you are missing out on a good way to garner sales.

And now the Sales Pitch

If you are using Mailchimp and want this modification for your osCommerce Shop – get in touch. Feel free to post any questions in the comments.

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