Making osCommerce Customers Page More Useful

By | August 10, 2008

My oldest osCommerce site has literally hundreds of customers – and using the customers.php page in the Admin section is getting to be a real chore.

Years back I contributed a “sorter” for the customers page which I coded up really quickly and without any thought to how it was coded – here – 6 years ago! It’s been updated since by a few users. I’m pretty sure that there are other similar contributions available too.

I want to do something new, so my idea for making the customers page easier has two steps;

1. Control the table by using javascript to allow the results to be sorted without refreshing the page

2. Use javascript to make the search box autocomplete on firstname/surname of the customer you are looking for…

I think that these two little changes would really benefit those of use who have loads of customers. I’m going to try to get this coded up nicely over the next couple of days.

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