Market Research, please help…

By | February 2, 2011

I’m considering setting up an “osCommerce Club” where I would charge a monthly subscription fee.

All subscribers would get access to bits and pieces (such as small snippets of code) that I do not release publicly – as well as one “large” contribution (eg a template, or a module like that “article manager” I blogged about) per month…

If I was to start a subscription offer like that, would there be an interest, at, let’s say $20 usd (£10 ukp) per month.

Let me know your thoughts, good, bad or otherwise.

8 thoughts on “Market Research, please help…

  1. Mike

    I think charge a monthly subscription fee would be hard because the users don’t know what exactly they will get in the future or they will subscribe for only a month (if possible) and download all your good stuff/a certain contribution they need.

    I’ve another idea: Why not build an osCommerce “App Store” where we developers can sell our contributions, themes, small snippets of code, tutorials, professional services for example “support hours” etc.?

  2. Xpajun

    Sounds like you’re branching out into the partworks field…

    Gary I don’t know – templates don’t really interest me although I know they might interest others, finding how to build templates would be a different matter… actually you have blogged a few things here that I’d be happy to pay for the instruction sheet for, but I wouldn’t feel like paying a monthly sub to take pot luck on whether they appeared…

    Maybe if when you blogged something you put a price on it for the instruction sheet for it?

    Not totally sure about Mike’s app idea either – personally that is

  3. Steve

    Gary, not that I am a total cheapskate, but part of the draw to osC for me was by doing my own work I could save $$.
    Granted, that was made possible only for the good graces of folks like you that provide freebee tips, etc. over there in osC.
    Not that I won’t get around to buying you a beer on occasion, but I’ve found that by watching the osC forums and doing some googling I have gotten most of the answers to my osC questions that way.
    All that said, that’s from my view right now where running my sites is part time for me. If it becomes more, I could change my point of view here.

  4. Robert

    You’ve had at least one unreleased idea in the past that I’d be willing to pay for and your site is worth coming back to regularly. Unfortunately it’s not enough to make me seriously consider a subscription. Of the subscription I do have there was some proof of their worth (mostly looking through past archives or a trial period) before I signed up. Even then after a while I re-evaluated and unsubscribed from most of them.

  5. Isabella

    I think you should price your codes, contributions, or whatever you post individually. In my view a $20 per month sub sounds a bit excessive for some people that may not find what they’re looking for and don’t download anything.
    Another idea would be to put some of your codes up for auction (just a wild idea of mine lol).

  6. Steph

    What is most valuable for me in this blog is inspiration…
    Finding out what can be done, and twisting it to fit ones own needs.
    I am no coder, and really don’t care so much about the coding, but i read all your posts mostly to pick up inspiration and later on maybe compine into some kind of project for you to make..
    Maube you should just charge 1-2$ a month for just doing what you already do 😉

  7. Gary Post author

    Thanks Guys – you have given me lots to think about.

  8. Julie

    I too read your blog for inspiration & tutorials. Like the others have said I want to be able to learn & do some of the work myself. I am not a coder, but am learning enough to make minor alterations to contributions & add contributions. I too will owe a few beers when I have finally managed to complete my site.

    I think xpajun’s & Isabella’s idea of having a download of the code/instruction for each blog post/feature is a good idea. Depending upon the cost I would consider this as although some features are available on the add ons section they are not always as nice looking as yours. To be able to buy unique features individually would be good.

    I wouldn’t buy a template for a few reasons. I want to know what has been done, templates have a bad name & don’t always get the same amount of help when needed, & I don’t always like everything that is featured, so I’d want to change it, which would defeat the object of buying one in the first place. This is just my feelings too.

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