My Account, mashed, diced and sliced in osCommerce

By | December 1, 2010

I have a site on which I regularly work – it’s a pet shop – the shop owner has really excellent ideas on what is needed within the shop to promote a good customer experience and increase sales. I enjoy working on this shop a lot, as the ideas are good and workable, and the client is down to earth and really easy going.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most recent changes, where I was tasked to mashup, slice and dice the “My Account” page.

The normal look of a “My Account” page is like this in RC2a;

and like this in 2.3.1;

Not very interesting for the customer and not at all useful for the Shop Owner…so the idea is to make this page more useful by showing more information…hence the mashup!

The new page greets the customer by name. He can also change some of his basic details (such as name, surname, email etc). He can also un/subscribe the newsletter in this page. Extras added also include tickboxes to show the Shop Owner which animals the customer owns, and a couple of extra information inputs for more details.

These extra inputs show to the Shop Owner in the admin section of the site.

What can be better than for any shop to know exactly WHY a customer is buying products? Now the Shop Owner has the information, can do all sorts of good advertising with that.

But that’s not all….

Scroll down the page a little bit, and the customer can also see his “primary address” and any “secondary addresses” added. He also can see a list of his “previous orders” (these link to each order summary) and a list of the “products purchased”.

And scroll down a bit more, and the customer has links to elsewhere, which in this shop is a wishlist and some of the regular “account” links which are shown in a normal “my account” page. You might have noticed that this shop is based in Denmark, hence why the screenshots are not containing much of the English language. The customer will translate my english into danish before the new style “My Account” page goes live on site.

A really nice little project, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

3 thoughts on “My Account, mashed, diced and sliced in osCommerce

  1. Xpajun

    Looks interesting Gary – feedback on the popularity of the “few lines about you” would be good – how about adding the facility for the customer to add photos of their pets?

  2. Gary Post author

    J – if I get some feedback, I’ll let know. Good idea on the image upload, that might be something to add at a later date.

  3. Jared Call

    Nice! Yet another good idea from you about how to take a part of the shop that we often don’t think much about and turn it into a memorable feature for marketing and upselling.

    Great stuff!


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