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By | January 29, 2008

I just created a new Sexy Looking Admin Area for osCommerce RC1. It’s untested on any other osCommerce platform.

It changes the look of the Admin from this:


To This:


As you can see, quite a difference! It’s a 1 minute install, just overwrite your base RC1 files with the files contained in the .zip – but remember that if you have made changes in your Admin files, and you overwrite them – those changes will be lost! So if you have made changes, it’s probably best to not to install this, unless you have a bit of knowledge of CSS 😉

You can download it from the official osCommerce contributions area.

33 thoughts on “New Sexy Admin Area

  1. Joe

    its about time someone changed the look and feel of the admin section. great job! I am going to try this when I get home from work.

  2. Gary Post author

    Tsunami; this is untested with ms2. It is designed for Rc1 release of osCommerce. If there is enough interest I can make a RC2 and a MS2 version – no problem.

    Joe; please let me know how you get on 🙂

  3. Tsunami

    give us a ms2 version 😛
    but i have over 30 contributions
    is it only the left menu or more then that?

  4. Gary Post author

    I also have now completed “Sexy Admin” for MS2.2 060817 – you can download it from here.

  5. Bushmaster

    I took the login page from rc1 and put it on MS2.2 will that interfere with it?

  6. Gary Post author

    Bushmaster – I don’t think that the login page from RC1 would play nicely with the MS2.2 admin. You should use .htaccess to secure the Admin of MS2.2.

    Did you mean the “index page”?

  7. Bushmaster

    It seem to work fine. I will set it up on the test site and pm you the info and you can see what you think.

  8. Bushmaster

    PM sent at osCommerce forums. Nice site by the way. I’ll try putting in your admin template after you have checked it out.

  9. Gary Post author

    Seems to work fine Bushmaster. Have a go at the template.

    Now released Sexy Admin RC2a – here.

  10. Bushmaster

    Template is in. the only file that kept it from being a drop in was admin/includes/boxes/configuration.php There is yellow boxes on the links at bottom any way to get rid of that?

  11. Gary Post author

    BM; opent he stylesheet.css file and remove:

    background: yellow;

    What was the problem with the configuration box? Do I need to fix anything in the download?

  12. Gary Post author

    Keith – for personal use, it is free of charge 🙂 The theme and graphics are mine, so you cannot sell those 🙁

  13. Bushmaster

    For the normal setup it would be drop in but to use the Administrators
    in the configuration section I had to add a line to it. I would say they need to fix the database structure before you change your work. They added the Admin group but never set a config ID for it so it could be dynamic. In the version I have anyways. I will have to check out RC2a and see if they changed it.

  14. Gary Post author

    BM – thanks for that. Good to know the problem ain’t with the contribution 🙂

  15. Gary Post author

    Hi Luis – I will certainly take a look at doing that, but no promises 🙂

  16. Michael


    The admin page now does not show the link to STS (Simple Template System) under Modules. Do you have any updates to address this?

  17. Gary Post author

    Hi Michael – I’m not sure why it would show the STS link? It doesn’t use STS. If you have got STS installed;

    a. you must be mad 😉
    b. you’ll need to re-add the link manually.

    The same goes for any other contributions that you might already have added to your sstore before implementing the sexy admin. They will all have been lost.

  18. Michael

    Thanks for the quick reply Gary,

    I managed the get the STS link under Modules back on the admin page without too much effort.

    Thanks for the help and the contribution.


  19. AQ

    the admin area does not have password protection on it, this is unsecure but does look nice, its a shame about the login, as it is at the moment you navigate to the admin section and it will not display the login screen, it simply does not need a username or password to access the admin side

  20. Gary Post author

    AQ: older versions of oscommerce had no protection in the admin section. You have to use .htaccess

  21. Carine

    Hi Gary,

    Your admin looks really good, as you probably guessed, I won’t be able to use the drop-in files option.
    In order for it to work with my admin, I guess I’ll need to modify my column_left.php include file along the lines of the one you included.
    As for the main admin files, is it just adding a bunch of css id’s or is it more tricky to get it working properly ?


  22. Gary Post author

    Hi Carine – it’s just a bunch of id’s – nothing major 🙂

  23. Luiz

    The version for MS2.2, doesn’t work for me.. I think that i don’t have same admin files, because I just use directory password..

    Thank You!!

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