osCom 3.0.2 is available

By | August 7, 2011

osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.2 is out! Not announced at the osCommerce forum, only on Twitter – seems that the osCommerce forum is not used anymore for announcements.

I took the time to install it – it’s very similar in looks and feel to 3.0.1. It is still unusable in real life use (as important modules are still missing). But it is forward movement for osCommerce, which is a good thing.

How to Install

Firstly you need a server that has the following as an absolute minimum;

  • PHP 5.3.0 or greater
  • MySQL (PDO)
  • OpenSSL
  • Phar

Also, recommended are;

  • Curl
  • GD Library
  • HTTP
  • SQLite (PDO)
  • Zlib

In PHP, you need the following settings ON; file_uploads and the following settings OFF; magic_quotes, register_globals, session.auto_start, session_use_trans_sid.

If you have all that ready to go, then the install is simple

Step 1; Create an empty database

Step 2; Follow the installation procedure (this is a series of pages asking for information, it’s very simple to follow.

If anyone wants a more in-depth post on how to install, let me know.


Pointless to make a public release of this – it is unusable for 99.9% of shopowners at this point. Developers are not being informed as to upcoming changes – changes are introduced in older osCommerce and then not being carried over (a typical example is 960 grid system introduced in 2.3.1).

Release to developers and interested others as a beta. This would immediately solve the problem of new osC users wanting to download the “latest greatest” then finding it to be unusable.

Lastly, GPL…

Is osCommerce still GPL? The answer appears to be a sort-of “no”. It is licensed BSD, under a Modified BSD License. I’m not sure what the implication of that is/will be.

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11 thoughts on “osCom 3.0.2 is available

  1. J Green

    I do also find it baffling that that make no statement on the download page of the OSC website that 3+ is currently unuseable. They must have wasted thousands of hours of peoples time expecting the latest fully functioning open source cart.

    On the release of v3, I didn’t even now it was development only and I have been working with OSC for about 7 years!

    Good things are moving forward but OSC now seems very closed and not the community hub it used to be.

    I suppose fighting amongst many and frustrations over the years have led to this.

    I still use a patched 2.2 MS2 and works well for me

  2. Isa

    I came across this news yesterday by chance, I haven’t tried it yet and don’t know if I will seeing as it’s still unusable (at least by me).

    My question is this: from a non-coder to coders, I’m probably not aware of all the efforts involved in your your work, but how hard is it to actually produce and publish a fully functional package?

    What is the reason behind publishing a package that most people won’t be able to use?
    Shouldn’t this be called a Beta?

  3. Gary Post author

    Isa –

    “how hard is it to actually produce and publish a fully functional package”

    It’s really difficult (as in the case of osCommerce) as the code work is not open. It is closed to everyone other than HPDL and Mark (sparky) – so all of us other developers have no clue what direction is being taken, until we see a release. The move to Github was a step in making it more open, but when commits are made in a bunch then we know that development work is being made and NOT being released as it goes along.

    “What is the reason behind publishing a package that most people won’t be able to use?”

    That can only be answered by HPDL. In my opinion, the release is made to stop the “when is it coming” type posts.

    “Shouldn’t this be called a Beta?”

    In my opinion, yes.

    J –

    There are indeed many frustrations with how osCommerce is, but there is nothing can be done other than fork the code and go in a different direction.


    In my opinion, the “business” side of osCommerce needs someone on it full time – a business manager who can make decisions based on the needs and wants of osCommerce users. Then make informed decisions on the roadmap of osCommerce, embracing not only the community but also sponsors, developers, hosts and so on. What we have now is someone who makes decisions based on (seemingly) the toss of a coin – who seems uninterested in the community and uninterested in interacting with those who are able to come up with ideas.

    Releasing useless (to Joe Average shopowner) does nothing for the integrity of osCommerce. In fact I’d say it hurts osCommerce more than it helps.

  4. Matt

    I didn’t realize it was JUST those two guys controlling everything. Maybe they think it’s the only way to do quality control or maybe its ego? When I see how quickly you and other very talented programmers and designers come up with solutions that ACTUALLY WORK, I can’t believe you wouldn’t be allowed to contribute to the development of osC.

    Is the app store going to be the beginning of your own fork? It would be awesome!

  5. J Green


    What are your thoughts on me continuning to use a patched oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817?

    I have added the essential security updates from each of the updates and removed file manager and secured folders etc

    Is it secure and still worked on for clients with support by experienced OSC developers?

  6. Gary Post author

    Matt – it’s not that developers are not allowed to contribute. The main problem is that the coding being done is not being done in public, so developers cannot know what is going to happen next. A typical example is the sudden appearance of the 960 grid system in 2.3.1 – no one knew until the last moment. I would happily work on a fork if someone would do it, it is time for osCommerce to become more aligned to the needs of Store Owners rather than to the needs of PHP developers.

    J – I see zero problem in running 2.2 (I still have 2 clients on TEP, which was the forerunner to osCommerce!), as long as you ensure that you have security up to date and follow the “updated security” thread at the osCommerce forum.

  7. enigma1

    I agree with Gary about the MS2.2 and because with the old versions there was no admin login by default, the shop owner would likely secure it from his host cpanel, the correct method.

    Unlike the more recent versions and 3.x where the built-in admin login gives the false impression the cart is secure. It’s not secure but subject to server type and configuration. For example if you install the latest 2.3.1 on IIS I don’t see what would restrict access to the various admin folders.

    About the GPL and 3.x if I recall correctly, it was mentioned last spring, that would be a dual license with GPL, but I see only a custom one now.

  8. Roz

    I would like to change the colors, fonts, and width of the current standard template in my new download of oscommerce 3.02.
    Where do I edit these things? appreciate it!

  9. Gary Post author

    Roz – I don’t want to upset you or be obtuse…but I probably will.

    If you have to ask these questions then oscom3 is not for you. Start with the (much) easier to understand 2.3.1

    3.0 is a developer only release, released for bug hunting mainly. It is not for use by 99% of the general public…

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