osCommerce 2.3.3 to be released shortly

By | August 2, 2012

As I was the first to break the news that 2.3.2 was to be shortly released, I might as well let you know that 2.3.3 is just about ready for a release. 2.3.3 is a bugfix release, and security upgrade.

It is great to see more regular releases of osCommerce, this can only re-ignite the community effort. For myself, I am trying to help out with some ideas for 2.3.4 (which is to be a release introducing new features).

For v2.3.4 I have coded and proposed;

  • Header Tags SEO rewrite from scratch, using proper Header_Tag modules
  • No javascript Message
  • Pinterest Module

I will be adding more features to my fork over the coming days and weeks, which Harald can hopefully use (or get ideas from). For my readers, I ask the question;

What features would you like to see in osCommerce 2.3.4 ?

9 thoughts on “osCommerce 2.3.3 to be released shortly

  1. Steph

    Definetelly a better way of mannaging options & attributes. Also price variatios, weight variations and stock management of attributes.
    Really the only area osCommerce feels desperatelly outdated in my opinion

  2. Isa

    Hi Gary

    I am guessing we will be advised to upgrade to 2.3.3?
    Daunting task, at least for me.

    With regards to 2.3.4, perhaps your math security question could be added by default to contact and create account forms?

    Could the checkout procedure be shortened, for example by merging checkout_shipping and checkout_payment?

    In customer account>order history>order information, there could be an “email shop owner about this order” button.

    Possibility to reset action recorder, right now the DB keeps all the old entries from months/years ago which I personally don’t have much reason to keep.

    Make the bxGallery take the alt tags for multiple images in product_info.

    Just some thoughts

  3. Paul

    Layered navigation or a product filter like Magento would be useful. Not just as a parts finder as such ( ink and toner) but also narrowing down your search by being able to choose the manufacturer, price range etc.

    And unless I’ve missed this, built in option to add more attributes to your products. Everybody has different specifications so why not give them the opportunity to add them easily themselves?

  4. Matt

    I think it would be great to have the option types v2 as part of a vanilla install as well as a robust discount coupon system. Also, allowing the attributes to have a different weight for shipping purposes makes a lot of sense to me.

  5. Gary Post author

    A list of bugfixes and new features in 2.3.3

    BUGFIX: Administration Tool -> Tools -> Send E-Mail
    Convert HTML e-mail to plain-text if HTML E-Mails is disabled.

    BUGFIX: tep_redirect()
    Fix URL encoding by replacing ‘&’ with ‘&’.

    BUGFIX: Administration Tool -> Tools -> Define Languages
    Keep the selected language in the language selection pull down menu.

    BUGFIX: checkout_process.php
    Improve checking of shopping cart product attributes.

    Added TEXT_OR and TEXT_REMOVE language definitions.

    Redirect to default.php if no product ID exists in the request URL.

    BUGFIX: includes/modules/new_products.php
    Fix checking of new products.

    BUGFIX: Administration Tool -> Tools -> Action Recorder
    Fix paging of action recorder listing.

    BUGFIX: checkout_confirmation.php
    Improve checking of order comment.

    and TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL language definitions.

    BUGFIX: index.php
    Improve filtering of Manufacturers.

    BUGFIX: product_info.php
    Change the total of product reviews to count only the reviews in the
    selected language.

    BUGFIX: Sessions
    Also reference and keep track of null variables in the session.
    (This general bugfix also fixed a compatibility issue with PHP 5.4.)

    Replace internal logic to use session_regenerate_id() for PHP 5.1+ servers.

    BUGFIX: Also update $SID with the new session ID if $SID is defined.

    BUGFIX: product_info.php
    Prevent the session ID being added to product images.

    Remove legacy PHP 3 code.

    GZIP Compression
    Automatically disable if PHP 5.4.0 to PHP 5.4.5 is used, due to PHP bug

    BUGFIX: Check if ini_set() is available before using it.

    Time Zone
    Add new CFG_TIME_ZONE configuration constant to set the default time zone

    NEW: Robot NoIndex Header Tag Module
    Adds a noindex meta tag to specified pages.

    BUGFIX: Improve Shopping Cart ID logic.

    Typecast remaining variables used in SQL queries.

    REMOVED: Google Buzz Social Bookmark Module

    NEW: Google+ +1 Button and Google+ Share Social Bookmark Modules

    NEW: Canonical Header Tag Module
    Adds canonical meta links to the product information and category listing

    NEW: Pinterest Social Bookmark Module

  6. Isa

    sounds like changes to A LOT of files…oh the fun…lol

  7. Studio Shops

    2.3 is terrific and the updates are even better; however oscommerce is becoming an expensive proposition as the sharks circle; we purchased “6” 2.3.1 templates only having to update to 2.3.2 are the templates compatible “NO” … does oscommerce developers give any hint to the technically challenged on how to address it “NO” … do template vendors like Algozone and Template Monster offer updates to existing customers “NO” … oh well yes if you buy a whole new template but do not ask them what is different … we are not picking on these firms and we do not negative but it hard not to be … we don’t mind spending money but this is getting ridiculous …

    We have reached a level of frustration open source is now an industry ….

  8. ErikMM

    I feel ya Studio Shops^, but thus is the nature of open source, and evolution. Templates have been a no-no expressed on the forums since the’sharks’ first started circling long ago. The best method is to save yourself and DIY, use the semi-open nature of the forum and get what you can on your own. You have to start to ask the age-old time vs. money question when it comes to being savvy, learning, or being a sap. I think there is only one template source I would trust, but I prefer to trust myself, either way, both of us will pay for our mistakes one way or the other. The industry exists because the demand does, but you can DIY, and be the source…

  9. Gary Post author

    To run a business, you have to make logical choices. 1 choice of which would be;

    do I want to do this all on my own, or do I need the backup of someone who knows oscommerce inside out.

    At the end of the day, we all make choices. Let me illustrate;

    I could choose to dig my garden with a spoon, but would that be wise? I’d get it done, but it would take forever. NEW USER WITH NO CLUE, USING ADDONS OR POSTS FROM OTHER CLUELESS PEOPLE.

    Alternatively, I could think logically and use a spade. Yes, much better. USER WHO HAS BEEN AROUND A BIT AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS NOT.

    Or, I could pay for someone with a backhoe to come and do it in 30 minutes. DEVELOPER, ABLE TO DO THINGS IN 30 MINUTES THAT WOULD TAKE A NON-DEVELOPER A DAY OR MORE.

    In essence, running a business mean using the best tool available to you. Don’t alienate the people who make osCommerce what it is – and that is the developers.

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