osCommerce 2.3 – hidden modules

By | October 19, 2010

Well, not exactly hidden, but not straightforward to understand that there are files that you cannot see via the admin area.

The new look way to install modules!

Take for example the payment modules. Pre 2.3, these were just in the list waiting to be turned on and off. In 2.3 this has changed, so that unused modules are no longer listed. You can only see those which are “live” on your site – in the case of a new install, this is as shown in the screenshot below;

Did you notice the [+ Install Module] button?

Guess what that does if you press it – yep, it brings up the available modules ready for installation;

As you can see, quite a list. Over 20 payment modules ready to be used. Let’s say I want to install the “authorize net AIM” module – select it and click the [+ Install Module] button in the right hand side, as shown above.

Now you will be back where you started, but also have the newly installed module listed;

You can now edit the module;

and insert your details (that you obtained when you signed up to the auth.net service) appropriately.

And that is all it takes to have AIM authorize live on your osCommerce site.

Easy as 123?

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