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By | September 24, 2010

Another new feature of 2.3 is the ability to easily change the Store Logo. As most users will be aware, the logo on a new installation of osCommerce looks like this;

Now it’s “easy” to change the logo…

Enter your admin area and go to configuration > store logo, you’ll see an uploading page that looks like this;

Click the [Choose File] button and you can browse through your files until you find your new logo that you want to use. It has to be a .png file type.

Once selected, click the [Save] button. You should now get a success message and a preview of your new logo;

Visit your store and refresh your browser and you should see your new logo;

Why this feature should never have made it into any osCommerce release

Because it’s pointless! If someone knows enough to set up osCommerce and create a new logo, then they presumably know enough to log into their webhosting and use FTP to overwrite the existing image. This feature is pandering to the lowest common denominator in my opinion.

Even worse, a simple image change is NOT enough to give a store any style – any store also needs to have some things removed, css changes, feature additions and so on. Have a look at the osCommerce Hot 100 and I guarantee to you that not one of them made that list simply by changing the logo.

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