osCommerce 2.3 to be released THIS week

By | November 7, 2010

A nice quote from Harald positively giving a date by which osCommerce 2.3 will be released; 12th November 2010 at 11:59pm.

At last, assuming this promise can be relied upon, we have a date that brings the 2.x series of osCommerce to an end and can now concentrate on 3.x series.

Hopefully this will also bring to en end the “are we there yet dad” type questions that are asked daily.

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3 thoughts on “osCommerce 2.3 to be released THIS week

  1. Snowbird

    Hey Gary,
    You seem you’re in the past 🙂 Should be November.

  2. will langford

    If it happens, i’m going to fly to Vegas and put 500bucks on 23 in roulette.

    There have been some great changes in 2.3 but really needs more testing..

  3. Gary Post author

    Haha – 12th February?? Where did I get february from??

    There is some stuff in 2.3 that really is a waste of time, and some really nice features too, all in all, it will be good to see it happen.

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