osCommerce 2.3 – Total Revenue Dashboard

By | September 25, 2010

Here is something new and cool in 2.3 – the Total Revenue Dashboard. This is an Admin Dashboard module showing your total revenues over the past 30 days;

As you can see this keeps a running total of the order values made on a day by day basis over the past 30 days. If you mouseover the small circles, you are given the value of the daily sale;

A nice and easy way to see total value orders. Should be quite handy.

To turn this off…

Easy enough – in your admin area, go to modules > admin dashboard > click the “total revenue” entry and press the [- Remove Module] button;

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2 thoughts on “osCommerce 2.3 – Total Revenue Dashboard

  1. Gaurang Patel


    I have used new oscommerce 2.3 and it’s working fine. But Total Revenue & Total Customers Dashboard not showing in IE9. when i change mode IE7 or IE8 from IE Develoer tool at bottom from browser. If IE developer Tool not showing Please Press “F12” then you will see IE Developer Tool.

    can you please help me.


  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Gaurang – there are some IE9 fixes available at github.

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