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By | September 25, 2009

Keith says

I’m the author of this popular open-source QuickBooks PHP framework https://idnforums.intuit.com/messageview.aspx?catid=56&threadid=9164 and I have put together an application which automatically pulls new customers, items, orders, and payments from osCommerce and sticks them into QuickBooks, no user-intervention required. This initial version extracts customer, items, orders, and payments from osCommerce every few minutes and dumps them into QuickBooks as Customers, Service Items, and Sales Receipts (or Invoices+Received Payments).

It’s going to be released as open-source, and I’m looking for some people to help with testing before I make a first release.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help test? If so, please contact me.

You must be:
– Using a Windows version of QuickBooks 2006 or later
– Using a reasonably recent release of osCommerce
– Willing to help submit bug reports, feature suggestions, etc.
– Have a valid SSL certificate (i.e. httpS://your-website.com/) or be able to test on a LAN development machine

– Keith Palmer
AIM: ConsoliBYTE
Gtalk: ConsoliBYTE
MSN: support@ConsoliBYTE.com
Yahoo: ConsoliBYTE@yahoo.com

If you can help out with the testing, please contact Keith directly.

2 thoughts on “osCommerce 2 Quickbooks

  1. purab kharat

    I want to use your script in oscommerce and quickbooks… please guide me how use your script….

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