osCommerce Discount Coupons Contribution Update

By | August 13, 2008

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

Over the past few months of usage of my Discount Coupon Contribution, a number of ideas have been presented to me for updates, and the one idea that keeps being brought up time and time again is a way to see which coupons relate to each order.

I’ve had a bit of time to think about this and as I see it, this is a fairly simple modification but one that will take a little bit of time to code up and test – I suspect somewhere around about 1 to 2 hours would suffice. My idea is to use the existing coupon page to create a new area which will detail each usage of each coupon, and link you through to each order made. I think that would work very well.

Doing things for free feels great, but like all of you who run stores, you are running them to make money. I also have to make money, and I do that by coding stuff. We are all in business aren’t we 😉

What I am looking for is anyone who would be able to sponsor this update. If that’s you, please do email me – my email address is at the top of this page. Thank You.

4 thoughts on “osCommerce Discount Coupons Contribution Update

  1. Gary Post author

    No sponsors out there 🙁

    I found the time to code this up and it seems to work quite well. I’ll make a video tomorrow showing the reporting section and make a new post.

  2. Gary Post author

    Scott – thanks 🙂

    It’s installed now on my own site and on one client site. Needs lots more testing on more sites until I am ready to release it for public usage.

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