osCommerce Hot 100 update

By | October 20, 2010

Spent some time yesterday updating the Hot 100 list to authorise the sites added over the past few weeks. A total of 40 sites were added to the list of which;

13 were good enough for inclusion
12 were template monster and so not added
10 were osCommerce, but had no attractive features and so not added.
3 were broken
2 had disappeared

I wonder why people don’t read the rules?

1. No Templates
2. osCommerce only
3. Must have an attractive design (changing the default colour scheme is not enough!)

If you added your site prior to yesterday and it is not on the list, you know why!

2 thoughts on “osCommerce Hot 100 update

  1. will langford

    Two of the stores I designed are in the top 3rd on that list .. not bad. Hoping to double that in the coming weeks with some new launches. 🙂

  2. Gary Post author

    Sweet! Add them in when you launch as I’m going to try to make the authorisations on a daily basis from now on.

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