osCommerce rc3 – installation is super simple

By | September 19, 2010

The installation is very similar to rc2 and 2a. Just follow the steps provided.

The first screen also gives a summary of whether osCommerce will work on your server:

If any of the items here has a red cross (unless they are optional), then osCommerce will not work. Contact your hosting provider!

If all looks good, then continue the install procedure. At step 3, there is now a change to allow you the shop owner to change the name of your admin section – please PLEASE change the name to something completely random.

Once the install is complete, please go to your admin area and insert your username and password, to enter. The first page that you will see after logging in is the overall summary page, which includes this message:

You must now correct these errors – do as the message says! Once properly done, the message looks like this:

Next, go to configuration > administrators. Here you will see your admin username, along with a large pink message like this:

Click the [edit] button and type in a new password, and tick (check) the checkbox to enable .htaccess protection.

Click the [save] button. As you enabled .htaccess protection, a grey box will popup asking you for your username and password.

Insert them and press the [Log In] button. If done correctly, you will see this message:

The installation is now complete.

If you are unable to install osCommerce, please get in touch as I will be happy to help for a beer fee.

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16 thoughts on “osCommerce rc3 – installation is super simple

  1. Paul


    I’m building a small site based on MS2.2 RC2 as I feel it might take a while for the majority of mods to be upgraded.

    In your opinion am I wasting my time starting now with RC2 or will there be an upgrade path between the two versions that you know of?

  2. Gary Post author

    Luca – the git version is unlikely to change much more before official release. I would grab the git version and keep an eye on any updates and patch as necessary.

  3. Gary Post author

    Paul – 2.3 is a good upgrade. It solves a lot of the problems that 2.2 suffers from (namely security). If you can, I’d go with 2.3 (contributions still work).

    Contributions won’t work with v3 osCommerce (aka oscom3). But 2.3 is just the end of the 2.x series osCommerce,so 99.9% of existing contribs will be OK).

  4. Gary Post author

    Note that I use the terminology rc3, which I should not do really. As that’s confusing with oscom3.

    2.3 (I’ve called it rc3) is the final release of the existing osC that everyone has been using for years.

  5. Robert

    Hey Gary.

    With rc2.3, are you aware of any outstanding security items that will need to be integrated by the shop owners, or are the critical security contributions from rc2.2 addressed?


  6. Gary Post author

    Robert – I had this exact conversation yesterday. Here is a part of the conversation;

    [2.3 has] been through numerous different auditing suits and against the catalog and admin sections have tested over 19,000 different vulnerabilities in PHP scripts including XSS,SQL Injection, XSRF, Session Fixation etc, so from a security point of view […] pretty confident that there are no easy ways to manipulate 2.3

    I’d suggest that we wait until a final release of 2.3 before deciding upon what extra pieces of security to install.

  7. Paul

    Am I being stupid or is 2.3 not available for download on the main site? I can only see 2.2 RC2 and v3…


  8. Robert

    Thanks Gary

    You mention earlier in this thread that many of the existing contributions will still work. If you don’t mind, then, one more question regarding security.

    At a high-level, what coding practices would have been acceptable in a 2.2 contribution that might reintroduce a security flaw?


  9. Gary Post author

    Paul – go the github repository and hit the [download source] button. http://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/

    Rob – that is a never ending subject. Using globals would be the worst offender most likely, but there’s probably hundreds of other things.

  10. anandselvaraj


    It will work on local server ???

  11. Rob

    Cheers Gary,
    thanks for the help, I never saw the small tick box…many failed attempts till I read your advise…Cheers

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