osCommerce Template updated to RC

By | May 15, 2008

A quick post to let you know that I have now updated this well known theme to RC2.  This theme makes osCommerce look, act and feel totally different than normal. The basis of this theme is making everything easy to find.

The categories infoBox is “open”, it has category tabs along the top and category subtabs underneath which change dynamically…also the theme has a best sellers box in the index page (rather than in the column)…

It also has a different column colour for the right hand side.  When you move an infoBox from left column to right column (or vice versa) the look of the infoBox you moved will change automatically to match whichever column it is in.

The “login” page is rejigged substantially – to make it more like the very old osCommerce login page – which I preferred – I’ve also made it so that it redirects to “create_account” when the person does not have an acocunt already.

All in all, a nice version of osCommerce.  Have a look:

And if you would like to purchase this design, that’s possible – see my other site, osCommerce Templates.

6 thoughts on “osCommerce Template updated to RC

  1. edward

    hi gary,

    this is a great theme. i really want to buy it but i keep getting an error with paypal. please help

    thanks, edward

  2. edward

    why did u delete my comment? and why arent u responding to email? i emailed u several times. i just want to buy this theme? why do things have to be so hard?

  3. Gary Post author

    Did you not think it is possible that a person can be away from the computer? Maybe on vacation, maybe poorly, maybe looking after family and so on. 🙁

  4. edward

    my apologies gary. hard to get a hold of u. i just want to buy this template

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