osCommerce v3 and Thrashbox

By | March 16, 2009

Thrashbox is a css way to create great looking boxes. You can view the homepage and a load of reading material at http://www.vertexwerks.com/tests/sidebox/. Enjoy!

It’s really simple to get this effect into osCommerce, image below;

Look good, don’t they. All you need to do id be using the “default” layout of osc v3 (not the tables based version). Amend each of the template infobox files directly so that they read a bit like this:

Then add the thrashbox .css to the template stylesheet file and save the thrashbox images into the right place in your template file structure. Once you got it done and working, you will want to make your own images to suit the look of your site – simply open up each original thrashbox gif, change it and resave as the same name.


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