osCommerce v3 – released

By | January 21, 2009

Well almost 😉 Apparently v3.0 of osCommerce is near to release, here’s a paragraph from HPDL;

…look forward to making 2009 an even better year with osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0, with a production-ready release of the new core engine being made in February…

So, v3 should be out there, accessible by all, by the end of February. Which will be good as it’s been far too long since the last release of osCommerce.

However, don’t hold your breath! It’s well known that osCommerce has the slowest release cycle of almost any (large) open source project. This new version has been promised for YEARS, so I don’t really expect to see it within the next 6 weeks.

If I am wrong about that, and I hope I am, then great. Of course, a new release of osCommerce means more support work, updating my templates, updating my eBooks and all the rest of that gubbins. I’ll also need to make a new category in this blog just for v3 questions as there is going to be a lot of them, I suspect.

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4 thoughts on “osCommerce v3 – released

  1. Liuk

    I don’t understand why they release something that is already old when it comes out… Other carts are far far forward…

    Magento, Prestashop, …

  2. jared call

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’d love to see it, but as you mentioned, this has been promised for years.

  3. Robert


    I’ve been using your localhost package for the past couple weeks, and only have a handful of contribs installed. I’m trying to update a very old version (1.28 07/2003 from the application_top).

    Is it worthwhile to become an early adopter of v3? Or, should I hold off a bit until it has a chance to become more ‘seasoned’?

    How different is v3 from rc2a? Would it be a significant effort to integrate existing contribs, or is there limited (or no) backwards compatibility?


  4. Gary Post author

    It will be a significant effort to update contributions to v3. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting, as we’ve been promised this version for at least a few years.

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