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By | June 8, 2008

Steve asks;

I have been using osC for a few years now and have been very happy with it except for a few minor things. The one thing that I could change to greatly improve osC’s usefulness (at least to me) is this:

Is there a way to add products to the site that do not show up on the “What’s New Here?” main page?

I sell CDs and DVDs and for most things having them automatically show up on the main page is fine. But I would like to list alot of used items, one-of-a-kinds, etc… that I would not want showing up as the newest things added to the site to be the first things the customers see when they visit…but they could click on a category such as “Used CDs” or “Bargain Discs” and there they would be….

Perhaps there is some way of doing this but I suspect it is something that requires knowledge of code. I do not actually have the osC software on my computer but I could get my web-designer to alter that code if need be. If it is something I could do as just on the administrator screens, then so much the better….

Steve – there is no option that allows you to not show the latest added products in the What’s New section on the front page. Probably the easiest way to get around this is to use that section as “Featured Products” instead of “What’s New” products. Simple to do, see here.

It’s a simple install, but if you cannot manage it, let me know by email and I can install it for you.

Once installed you’d select 9 products to show permanently on your “What’s New” section and any other products that you add would not be shown (until you deactivated 1 or more of your “featured” products).

Easy as 123.

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