Phoenix Cart – Price Breaks

By | May 12, 2022

With no core code changes it is now possible to set up price breaks per product. A typical example would be;

Buy 1 for $9.99
Buy 3+ for $8.99
Buy 10+ for $5.00

and so on. I suppose it might be a good use for wholesalers or for those shopowners who sell multiples of products.

Admin Side functionality is performed by a new tab in the usual product adding/editing page as so;

Shop Side it shows as a module displaying the matix of price breaks that you, shopowner, set up, as so;

When the buyer reaches shopping cart, the correct price is reflected as so;

7 pears at $3.75 each is a total of $26.25

You can download this for free at the Phoenix Forum VIP Area.
Installation is as easy as “upload, turn on”.

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