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By | April 11, 2016

Although osCommerce is usually used for selling products which are then sent to the buyer by post, it is possible to use osCommerce for establishments such as Pizza Shops or restaurants.

If we think about a Pizza Shop, which allows online ordering, we see a few features that most other shops don’t want or need;

1. ability to close down online ordering when the physical Pizza parlour is closed
– how about a Header Tag module that does this?

2. ability to charge the correct rate for deliveries
– how about a Shipping module that links into Google Maps and works out the exact distance from the Pizza Shop to the Customer in miles or kilometers, the shipping module then charges per km/mile.

3. ability to add in a Tip for the delivery driver
– how about a Order Total module that allows the buyer to add in a Tip.

Can you think of any more needs for a Restaurant?

5 thoughts on “Pizza Shop – Collection of Modules

  1. Gary Post author

    Yes there are some good ideas in that theme. Do you have any particular ideas?

  2. Pavel

    I guess ideas are limitless and every restaurant owner needs different stuff, what I would say need to have:

    1) Menu with order button will be great not to link menu title to product detail (i guess default OsCommerce category for lunch dinner drinks etc.)

    2) Daily Special with image on Home Page (custom module with Lunch special, Diner Special, Happy Hour etc. )

    3) Delivery by ZIP code (free delivery or by mile, have delivery available only to zip codes added in admin)

    4) Add comment to order (what time should be order ready etc.)

    5) Delivery Selection (Free Pickup, Delivery)

    6) At checkout Select payment method (Pay with credit card, Pay in restaurant at pickup, Pay cash at delivery)

    7) Table reservation (Reserve table online with possibility to have image of restaurant table layout so client can see available/not available tables and select available seat)

    I think there are more what will be perfect for restaurants (events calendar, customer gallery, Restaurant gallery, Food Gallery) but with the above, I think that will be amazing start
    Let me know what you think?

  3. Gary Post author

    #1 i dont quite understand what you are saying 🙁
    #2 can be done using a Carousel (exists as an addon, or as a better commercial addon)
    #3 commercial addon (exists already to use, plugs into Google Maps API)
    #4 core code already in osCommerce
    #5 core code already in osCommerce
    #6 core code already in osCommerce
    #7 possible with a lot of code changes

  4. Pavel

    #1) I meant product (restaurant menu item) will not be linked to product detail page and the product image will be linked only to lightbox. And the default category I meant Hardware category can be lunch, Software category can be dinner and let’s say DVD Movies category drinks.

    Thanks for the clarification, I did not know or see the #2 exists and especially did not know the #3 is available. OsCommerce have somewhere commercial add-ons? I thought there is just add-ons section, not commercial section.

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