Printable List Of Products & Thumbnails

By | July 7, 2008

Anna asks;

I have on my website over 500 lines & growing, & I was wondering if there is anywhere in oscommerce I can produce (print out) a products list for people that haven’t got access to a computer that wants to order from a catalogue. I really don’t want to do this manually as it would take for ever.

There are a few contributions that already exist which you can use to make this, here’s one I found;

Add a Printable Catalog

There’s probably lots more – have a search.

Also how do I get rid of “click to enlarge” as my products don’t appear larger if it is clicked on.

The best way is to give each of your images a small and large size. The small size would be used almost everywhere in osCommerce (aka thumb nail) and the large size would be used in the pop-up from the product page. I’ve written about this previously (link) and suggest that my own small/large image modification (link) is the easiest solution to use.

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