Problems Installing Coupons

By | October 1, 2008

Will asks;

I install you’re cintri into my shop (latest version voor de latest OSC shop)
I seem everything isworking at the backside from the shop, meaning i can type in a name for the voucher and a number (price or %) – At the from i see a block say “if you have a coupon please fill in here” but than nothing happend with the price in de shooping basket

Could you help me out please where to look? I put it on place number 3 from 5 at sort order total but nothing there?


1) if you order a item than you get the step where you need to select how to pay (PayPal or what ever) but here you wil see at the top of the screen/page the space to put in the code for you’re coupon ?! This box is ‘not’ standing inside the OSC frame? what did i do wrong?!

2) i add just a coupon with the number 2, this give’s you a discount off 1 euro (just a test ok)
but when you add this number inside the box and click on the PayPal payment and go to next page
This discount is NOT taken from the total? i put the same as you at Order Total Modul so on number 3
But it don’t take the discount or whatever, whats wrong here?

3) When i do a order by PayPal and i get a email and order noting from thediscount is there on it, so it’s there (meaning all things) but he don’t discount it?

can you check it please?!


Need help asap becaus e this problem need to befixed

OK – you have not installed the contribution properly – that is all.

For starters, make sure that the order_total module has a UNIQUE sort order – it cannot be the same as any other sort orders. Make it so that it comes directly underneath your subtotal. I usually change all the existing sort orders from 1 to 10, 2 to 20 and so on. Then place the coupon as sort order 15.

FOr your problem where the coupon box is not showing in the correct place, that means you added the code in the wrong place. So, change it 😉

I offer an installation service should you require it – please email me on – it is cheap and guaranteed to work or you pay nothing.

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