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By | December 22, 2010

The new 2.3.1 doesn’t look that great in the shopping_cart page when it comes to displaying the products being purchased, particularly if those products have attributes. Here’s how it looks (bear in mind that the attributes chosen in the example add an extra $100 and $50);

What this shows is the final price of the product only (that is the price of the product + any attributes).

So, I preferred the idea of showing the base price of the product and then show individual attribute prices, as so;

I think that this change presents the list of products being bought more clearly. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Product display in shopping_cart.php in osCommerce

  1. Claudio

    Yes & no, I believe that it would depend on the product you are selling. If it was selectable “Per Product” in the store I think that it would be a nice feature. (As opposed to a universal setting)

    I personally would not like to see this when you have an attribute that reduces the price.

  2. Jared Call

    I like it! Since it makes it clear how much of the price is associated with each attribute, it also has the potential of upselling the customer to purchase other sizes/colors/etc of that product.

    Do you plan to continue this functionality on from the shopping cart into the db so that it can be referenced in invoices? You could just change order.php, invoice.php, etc to reference the current prices for those attributes, but that only works as long as the store owner doesn’t change any of those prices.

  3. Gary Post author

    Claudio – thanks for the input 🙂

    J – no plans, as what I did is only a cosmetic change in the shopping cart, whereas to carry it thru the whole shop would mean extra database table and changing probably a handful of files to suit. I might put it low on the to-do list lol

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