Product Groups – for Bootstrap osCommerce

By | March 5, 2015

This system allows you to easily and quickly attach products into groups or sets. Each of these sets has it’s own page. This is fantastic if you have products across multiple categories, that can also be sold or displayed as one set of products.

A typical example could be clothing, where you can put together an outfit.. hat, scarf, top, belt, trousers, shoes…

Admin Side (adding of group(s)):


Admin Side (adding of product(s) into group):


Shop Side (display of chosen products in a selected group):


Of course there is also the usual extras such as a side column box to allow people to see the groups/sets you have set up:


And a Video to show it all in action:

Interested? Cost is £39. Of course, this is for the system you see in the video, customised changes can easily be made on a shop to shop basis, should you require changes.

Get in touch by email if you would like to purchase or if you have questions.

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