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By | June 26, 2017

If you’ve been following my efforts to keep osCommerce alive, you’ll know that I coded (into the core) a system that allows Shopowner to easily maintain an “internal search engine” based around the concept of tagging products with a number of keywords. The idea behind the system is to allow other words (not in the product name/description) to be searched for using the advanced_search.php.

A typical example might be;

Product Name: Coca Cola
Product Description: A lovely refreshing drink.

Scenario: person searches for “Coke”.
Result: nothing found.
Solution: Shopowner adds a Tag “Coke”.

Now the product can be found in the search facility. It was brought to my attention that I never coded a way for product tags to be shown on the product_info page.

Introducing the all new Tags module

With this simple upload…turn on…forget module, any product that has tags will display them. The label colour is configurable, the icon is changable and each tag links directly to advanced_search_result.php so that customer can easily find other products with the same tag.

Want It?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

Important Note

This system is available only for the Community Responsive osCommerce.

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