Project for Today 11 June 2012

By | June 11, 2012

Todays project is a “to do” list of small changes on a clients site. These range from simple 2 minute things such as changing some language defines to larger modifications like adding (my version of) SEO Meta Tags / Description.

In all, it’s about a days work and will be good to revisit a shop that has been successfully selling using 2.3.1 since it was ported over. There is nothing I like more than being given a list of changes to make on a store and being told to “make it happen” – given carte blanche to do those changes as I see fit (which is always the best way to have changes done) means the shop ends up with the absolute best code available and the shopowners end up very happy.

This shops owners have some excellent ideas about what they need and are somewhere near the forefront of cutting edge. It was for this shop that I created the Pinterest module for osCommerce, and this has worked stunningly well for them.

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