Quality Templates for osCommerce 2.3.x for FREE ?

By | January 25, 2013

I have a good offer on at the moment whereby anyone who purchases the “Designing osCommerce 2.3.x” eBook on or before 31 January 2013 can choose a quality coded theme/template for FREE.


So, if you have been umming and aahing about buying my eBook, now is the ideal time to go ahead and spend a few $$. In the eBook I show how to build a theme from scratch and you need no experience in PHP or HTML or CSS (or anything technical). So long as you can copy and paste you’ll be fine.

The choice of templates are listed here – at the price I am charging for the eBook you’ll be able to choose 1 of these 3 templates at no extra cost!!


After the 31st January, I will create one template per month and any buyers (of the eBook) during that month will get free if they so choose.

Of course, I have no problem with buyers waiting to choose a free template if they do not like any of the ones on offer. Note that choices cannot be backdated, so if you buy in February, you will not be able to choose from template created prior to February. So the sooner you purchase, the more choice you will have.

One thought on “Quality Templates for osCommerce 2.3.x for FREE ?

  1. Pauline Taylor

    Nice templates… Perfect for developing a shopping cart.

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