Really interesting osCommerce project

By | January 14, 2010

I just completed a really interesting osCommerce project. I gave a shop a makeover based on the clients PSD file – easy enough. Then I had to change the way that the products display.

1. remove the product_info.php page entirely
2. create a new products module to display product_info in the index page or the category page.

That probably sounds a bit weird, but if I show you a couple of images, it might be more clear. This is the standard index page, the “new products” module is located on the right. The module on the left is a recoded “new products for month” module.

So, the “new products” module changes when the shopper clicks on an item in the “new products for month” module. As so;

In other words, the “month” module does not now click through to the product_info page at all. Similarly, inside a category is the exact same layout;

I also needed to have the “buy” button and a “wishlist” button on the new module. It’s osCommerce, but it is nothing like osCommerce – which is always a good thing in my opinion.

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  1. John

    I did something along the same principle on our company’s find your W2 page ( ). When a customer clicks on their state, the page returns how many “parts” their W2 form requires, then it pulls the appropriate products (using a comma separated list in a new table) from the products table using the row product listing module.

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