Regarding osCommerce Templates

By | October 24, 2008

Vaibhav emailed;

I can design my own template and I have one with me. But my problem is that how should I integrate it with Ecommerce? Please help me out for this.

Really easy for me to answer this one. As you already have the design (I guess in HTML format) the best option for you is to use STS (Simple Template System).

I wrote a tutorial on STS which can be found at, and I am doing a very good special offer for readers of this blog.

Here’s a comment received today from someone who bought an eBook from me yesterday;

At first glance the book is just amazing! Simple, efficient, easy to use and for sure useful. I couldn’t resist to make some immediate changes to boxes:) Thank you very much, or as in my country said “NajlepÅ¡a hvala!”. I’ll contact you again when the shop is finished so you’ll see what you made me do;)

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