Responsive osCommerce. Frozen and Archived

By | June 1, 2018


After some four and a bit years, I have officially Frozen the Responsive Build. There are still broken things and outdated things and things that should not exist, but they are what they are and I’m not putting in any more hours on it, so they stay broken and outdated.

Archived, pending Deletion

I have archived the Github Repository (to stop issues and chit-chat), pending deletion.

Download It, Fork It

For a while you can download it or fork it;

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped out in the codebase. Thank you to everyone who tested bits and pieces of my dumb and not so dumb ideas. Thank you to everyone who were able to put in a few dollars into the pot to continue development over the past four years. Big :thumbsup: y’all.

2 thoughts on “Responsive osCommerce. Frozen and Archived

  1. Stephen Lane

    Gary, thanks for everything you did. Shame its come to this, but I suppose it was inevitable.

  2. Gary Post author

    Thank You Steve, you’ve been a good supporter over the years – I wish there was an army of Steves!

    I may very well come back after a nice break and take up the reins again.

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