Reviews in Product Page?

By | January 12, 2011

Just a quick post as I wanted to remind myself to write more on this. Presently working on some ideas for a client, one of his needs is to have the “reviews” adding functionality in the product page.

As we know that to place a review the customer MUST be logged in, I decided to test if the customer is logged in and then present the information like this;

If NOT logged in;

The form is not active, and I lowered the opacity, as well as put a “you must login” message underneath.

If they ARE logged in;

The form becomes active, the opacity is removed, and the button appears instead of the message!

A nice little mod, that did not take too long to code up, as most of the code already exists in other pages, so just a matter of copy/paste. I also made a little graphic to link to already written reviews – this does not show if there is no reviews on the product being looked at.

10 thoughts on “Reviews in Product Page?

  1. will langford

    That’s a good way to do it. On my latest store, I just put a login button saying login to write a review, that way they go to the login page, and get redirected back to the product page.

  2. Paul

    This is something we’ll want to do as well Gary although my plan is to have a tabbed product page with description/read reviews/write review/ask a question. This way all the information the customer needs for a given product is in one place.

  3. Gary Post author

    You dont need an addon to enable a tab based layout, it’s part of the UI that is included. Just a case of getting the right info in the right tabs.

    Paul – I’ll bang off an email to you tomorrow.

  4. Michael

    hi Gary
    well thats great – i guess thats why we need an expert to do designs, instead for messing up the core our self 🙂

    I send you a long list of contributions im looking to have implelemented into our new design – hoping for your feedback soon 🙂


  5. Gary Post author

    Hi Michael – struggling thru a backlog of emails, but will get to it asap. Cheers, gary

  6. Frulhing

    Hi Gary – using version 2.3.1, the “contact us” from is not sending emails to the store owner email. I can send emails from the admin panel, but the contact us page fails to send… even though the visitor sees a sent message confirmation in the storefront.

    Any thoughts on this would be highly appreciated!

  7. Fruhling

    Apologies for the tangential comment – I only noticed the problem mentioned above when I was checking out the ‘review’ modifications you discuss

  8. Gary Post author

    Hi Frulhing – that’s a strange error that shoud not occur. Are all emails failing (ie, those going outwards), or is it just incoming email that is failing. Make sure that the email address to which emails are neing sent matches the domain that the site is on.

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