Search Engine Optimised URLs for osCommerce

By | March 9, 2010

Dave asks;

Which URL rewriting contribution do you recommend?

I get asked this question quite often. In my opinion, there is just two decent versions of URL rewriters, depending upon whether you have PHP4.x or PHP5.x

If you are running PHP4.x ;

Ultimate SEO Urls – click on the “history” tab and find the version by FWR Media, dated 12 Jan 2010.

If you are running PHP5.x ;

ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 – by FWR Media

There is also a “Pro” version of #6768, but I am not sure if this has been publically released yet.

2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimised URLs for osCommerce

  1. EL

    Any good and understandable tutorials of how to install either of these?


  2. Gary Post author

    Hi EL – these are both very simple to install, if you follow the instructions closely.

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