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By | July 15, 2011

Been working quite a bit recently on a site that I performed a “makeover” some months ago. The site owner has been steadily adding in extra things to make the site much more responsive to himself (the shop owner) and the customer – it really is turning out to be a very nice osCommerce shop.

One of the most recent tasks I was asked to work on was the implementation of “ship in cart”, which shows a customer as estimate of how much shipping would be, prior to starting the checkout process. It’s well known in osCommerce circles that the lack of display of shipping costs is a major cause of abandoned carts!

There are already 3 or 4 “ship in cart” contributions, but none of them work exactly right, and most of them are ugly! So, the task was to come up with something that works more slickly and looks better.

Firstly, found what consider the better “ship in cart” contribution;,7329 – however it seemed that the whole system only worked for Australian postcodes.

Some recoding time later and the system now works with multiple countries, based on postcode (eg for fedex, usps and so on).

The output looks like this;

And after searching the country/postcode, looks like this;

Obviously, if the shop had other shipping options (than Fedex) these would show.

I then sent the files on to my client, who changed them by removing the country (he ships only within the USA), and by adding a “throbber” image while the fedex quotes are returned to the page.

The whole system is powered by jQuery and as such does not need a page refresh to display the shipping quotes. I recoded the javascript in the existing contribution from around 20 lines of javascript to just 1 line. I’m very pleased with how this project turned out, and how the shop for which I made it is being built by it’s owner.

10 thoughts on “Ship in Cart Reloaded

  1. Isa

    This looks like something very clever and useful indeed. If I understand you correctly this could work with any country and any shipping carrier? If so, it is extremely interesting.

  2. Steph

    Looks great!
    Will this also work on a 2.2 shop?

  3. Gary Post author

    Any country, any shipping carrier. The module always shows the lowest value quote for display (in sub total). Once the customer clicks through to the checkout_shipping, they can see the same quotes and choose the shipping method to use.

    I’m still road testing it, but once complete it’ll be added to the osCommerce App Store.

  4. Isa

    Sounds really good, Gary. I might be interested in it for my shop.

    An osCommerce App Store? I can’t seem to find it, can you share the link please?

  5. Peter

    Does that mean you’re selling it as a plugin or not?

  6. barrt

    nevermind, i thought all these contributions were free, guess i was wrong.

    time to forget oscommerce and move onto somewhere were people actually help out and share things, not keep them to themselves

  7. Gary Post author

    Just like all the products that you’ll be selling will be free. Hmmm.

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