Show Products Ordered on Order Summary

By | January 8, 2009

Yesterday an osCommerce client of mine asked me to come up with some code for showing what the person had ordered WITHOUT having to click on the individual orders…

So, I set to thinking and came up with the idea of showing the products ordered in the orders.php page. So, instead of seeing a normal orders summary like this:

An extra column is added to show the products ordered, and the quantity thereof, as so:

After some twiddling with the codebase, it turned out fairly decently I think.


1. Make the SHOP side as easy as possible for your customers to use
2. Maker the ADMIN side as easy as possible for YOU to use

5 thoughts on “Show Products Ordered on Order Summary

  1. Francisco

    Oh , thta’s great, thta’s just I was looking for!
    Where Can I download this contribution?

  2. Gary Post author

    None of the things I do for clients get uploaded by me as a contribution, sorry. Happy to quote you for something similar which you can then make into a contribution.

  3. Giles

    Just another thought – I implemented something similar but I used a jQuery tooltip to allow the orders with multiple lines to not destroy the table layout.

    Simple rollover displays the order contents in the tooltip.

  4. Xpajun

    Now that’s funny – I was just thinking last night that seeing what people ordered without checking details would be useful…

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