Sneak Preview at Discount Coupons v6

By | March 29, 2010

Just a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite;

I’ve restricted the 2 “graphic card” products to be excluded from the discount calculations…

So, assuming the customer now buys a couple of products including an “excluded” product, the shopping cart looks like this:

Notice the calculation is correct? It’s discounting only the “Beloved DVD” and not the “Matrox g200″…

And the end of the checkout confirmation looks like this:

Notice it’s discounted only $22 (which is 40% of $54.99)…obviously in the example I used a 40% money off coupon code.

And in the Admin area, the invoice shows like this:

I am still testing this and I have already noticed a couple of areas where the new v6 coupon code could do with a little tweak. No release date as yet…but it is coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview at Discount Coupons v6

  1. trentanoDE

    hi gary,

    it looks great – i´m looking forward to the final version 🙂



  2. Gary Post author

    Hi And-i – you are on my list to contact as soon as I get the last couple of bugs ironed out.

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