Snow, not osCommerce

By | February 7, 2009

A post that is not about osCommerce!

Apologies to regular readers for the lack of posts – here in the UK we’ve been having “severe” weather problems with snow (which is something that we are simply not used to). My ISP decided to give up and has only in the last couple of days been able to give me a connection that is halfway decent.

I’ve been having to use my iPhone to access emails as and when I can – so my apologies if I haven’t gotten back to you – I have a backlog of over 100 mails to get through.

Fortunately I have been able to carry on with the work already booked out in my diary, although because of the ISP problems it’s been a bit of a Pain In The Arse!

2 thoughts on “Snow, not osCommerce

  1. Java Roasters

    I am reading this from the great white north six hour drive north of Toronto Canada and all I have to say is ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

    If you get snowed in again I can send you a set of tire chains. Today we had a really nice day, it was +1C which is about 20C warmer than it usually is.

  2. Gary Post author

    JR – it got as low as -12 which is cold for this country. Makes me laugh how the whole country grinds to a halt!

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