Sponsor needed – Shipping Date in osCommerce

By | July 10, 2008

All – I recently made a shipping date modification for a client, you can see it in action on this video (You Tube).

It basically adds a shipping date for the customer to choose when their order should be delivered. The store owner can set any date range (eg, start 2 days from order date, 1 day from order date, until 2 weeks into the future, a month in the future, turn off weekends etc). The date gets recorded as part of the order and can be seen in Admin and in the customers account when he/she logs in. It works pretty well!

Someone contacted me about it as they needed such a modification – I contacted my customer to ask if I could re-use the code I made for them and my customer said “yes”. Since then I have not heard from the person who contacted me wanting it, which is a bit annoying to say the least.

So, if anyone needs such a modification, I can spend some time to go through my customers files to make a usable contribution – however, to do this, I need a sponsor who is willing to pay me for my time. Once I’ve sanitised the files, I’ll upload it to the contributions area of osCommerce, and your name/url will be listed as the sponsor of the work.

If you are willing to sponsor an hour of my time, throw me an email, my email address is up there ^

2 thoughts on “Sponsor needed – Shipping Date in osCommerce

  1. ivyfleur

    Hi Gary,

    I downloaded and proceeded to install this mod but ran into problems. Basically I also have PWA (purchase without account) and the orders.php seem to quite different from yours. Is there anyway to incorporate shipping date mod with PWA installed?

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi – probably is possible but I have never used PWA (other than on a test site years ago). I’d be happy to get it working for you, if you need a quote, please email me on oscshops@gmail.com

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