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By | January 11, 2017

Super cool idea today from a long-standing osC client. He wanted a way to select a product from his range of products on special offer, and then to “showcase” that chosen product on the front page of his site.

Thankfully this client is pretty up to date so is using the Responsive osCommerce version which has the modular index page. So, making this a stand alone module was a simple affair. Here’s how it turned out;

The first step is, as always, upload the new files using FTP. This does not overwrite anything…now enter admin and;

Choose a Spotlight

Once the spotlight is chosen and the other parameters are set up;

Showing on the front page of the site

Pretty cool!

I made it so that when the box is mouseover’d, the “saving” shows

Let me know your thoughts? This is a pretty cool little module. Of course, you can easily change the look of the spotlight by amending its template file appropriately…it is only limited by your imagination.

Want it?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

GOOD FOR: Responsive (Community Edition) osCommerce Gold or Edge.

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