Stuart Template for osCommerce

By | January 4, 2014

My latest template can now be seen here. I’ve called it “Stuart” after the comic book guy in Big Bang Theory.


As you can see it is a “minimal” theme ready for you to build on in any way you wish. The side column infoboxes can of course be added back in should you wish and colour scheme is very easy to change.

Header Area

Very minimal, with a custom coded Cart and Buttons to “create account” and “login”, and of course when logged in “view account” and “log off”. Notice also that the cart icon changes when a product is placed into the cart, and the checkout link becomes “active” as well – have a look by placing a product into the cart.

Main Content Area

I have recoded the “new products” module from scratch to utilise a more semantically correct “list” of products. Buttons can of course easily be made smaller, just by amending 1 line of css code.

In the product page, I have removed the “bx gallery” in favour of a custom coded gallery which gives better results in my opinion (example; you can click on the main image or any of the thumbnails).


I have used a custom font which I believe looks good. This is very simple to change if you do not like it.

Footer Area

Contains a nice looking “social” box as well as a redesigned listing of categories, information, contact details and so on.

Final thoughts

As you can see the Stuart template is quite a departure from the normal osCommerce look and will make your site look very professional inside 30 seconds – as that is how long it takes to install on a new osCommerce (will also work with any version of osCommerce from 2.3.1 onwards).

My overall idea for the template is to take away the “clutter” of normal osCommerce, and instead concentrate solely on the products you are selling.

Have a look, and if you are ready to take your shop to the next level by installing this template (or indeed any of my other templates), go to my osCommerce Templates site and press the buy button (it’s only £16, about $25usd).

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